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SINCE 1946


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Légume printanier, le petit pois ne déçoit jamais! Il plaît en effet aux petits et aux grands et constitue un concentré de fibres, utile à la digestion. 😍
Peas never disappoint! They are a spring vegetable that appeals to the young and old and is a concentrated fiber, useful for digestion.😋

Peas are one of the oldest vegetables grown in Europe and Asia. In Iran, Palestine, Greece and Switzerland, peas were already present 10,000 years ago.

The nutritional composition of the pea is original, it does not resemble that of a green vegetable or that of a dried vegetable. It is particularly well supplied with fiber, protein and vitamin B. It is a very complete food.

Peas are suitable for all flavors. You will appreciate them as well with a pork rib as with a poached fish. In a salad with starchy foods, raw or in soup, it is always a delight.
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La saison de melon est là et nous avons de beaux melons à vous proposer. 
#melon #qualité

La saison de melon est là et nous avons de beaux melons à vous proposer.
#melon #qualité
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Le citron est le roi des agrumes. En assaisonnement ou en quartiers dans une salade, en jus rafraîchissant ou en limonade : il y a mille et une façons de se régaler de ce fruit! 🍋
The lemon is the king of citrus fruits. As a seasoning or quartered salad, in a refreshing juice or a lemonade: there are so many ways to enjoy this fruit! 😍
Depending on the variety, its skin takes on several shades, from bright yellow to golden yellow. Its juicy flesh offers a wide range of flavors, from sweet to bitter, to acid.

Rich in vitamin C, its caloric intake is practically negligible. It also contains a fine range of minerals and trace elements, essential to the body such as potassium, calcium and iron.

Yellow or green, in juice or in quarters, combined with other fruits or vegetables: the lemon is a familiar fruit in the kitchen. Traditional dishes or festive cuisine: it has the aromatic potential to blend in with ease.
#fruitsandveggies #produitsfraisdumarché #fruitsetlegumes #marchederungis #citron #lemon #springishere #igfoodies #foodfacts #freshproduce @ Marché d'intérêt national de Rungis
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About us

Founded in 1946, and settled since 1969 in the MIN of Rungis,  Laparra agency is a trading company, importing and exporting fresh fruits and vegetables from any origin (B to B).


Agence Laparra offers a large panel of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Along the years, we have developed a strong commercial network with numerous producers, either in France or abroad.


Agence Laparra
62A, rue de Montpellier
CP 50 369
94622 Rungis cedex, France
Tél. +33 1 46 86 40 30
Fax. +33 1 46 87 92 94

Agence Laparra