Our Pears


A pear weighs 120 grams on average. Her smooth skin comes in shades ranging from green to yellow. Its melting and sweet flesh makes it the fifth most consumed fruit in France.
The Xenia pear is crunchy and very sweet, with woody notes.
La Comice is a yellow fruit with a pinkish to red face, and a very fine skin pleasant on the palate. However, this last characteristic makes it fragile at maturity, it must be handled with care. Its flesh is white, juicy and tender, extremely fragrant and sweet. The caliber is large or even very large.
The Guyot pear is yellow, tinged with red where it would have been exposed to the sun. Its flesh is tender and sweet.
it produces large fruits, with white flesh, tender, juicy, sweet, slightly acidulous and musky, very tasty.
The Williams Red pear has a large caliber. Its flesh is white, melting, juicy, sweet and slightly acidulous and musky, very tasty.
The Conference pear is Thin and elongated, it has a thick and rough skin. It is partly covered in freckles, but its background color is green. Its flesh is white and sweet.
The green williams pear. Green to golden yellow in color, the Williams pear is a fairly large fruit. Juicy, sweet and slightly tart, its flesh is non-grainy and very fragrant.


Carte des origines de la Poire. Elle peut venir de France, de Belgique, des Pays-Bas, d'Afrique du Sud, d'Argentine ou encore du Chili.
Carte des origines des Poires