Our Melons


The green Charentais melon can be recognized by its green-yellow rind, grooved by dark green lines (semi-embroidered). Its flesh is orange, sweet and juicy.
The yellow Charentais is the variety most consumed in France. Our yellow Charentais melons come mainly from France, Morocco, Italy and the West Indies. This fruit has the particularity of giving off a gas, ethylene, which causes natural ripening. It therefore has a limited shelf life. When he arrives at mature, its light green skin turns slightly yellow and its peduncle comes off easily. Its flesh is orange, sweet and juicy.
Our Cantaloupe melons originate mainly from Brazil and Honduras. Cantaloupe is part of the family of embroidered melons. That is, her skin is textured. It is round, of variable size and its flesh is orange, juicy, aromatic and very sweet.