Our Oranges


An orange weighs 200 grams on average. Its tasty flesh full of light orange juice is hidden under a thick and shiny skin of a more intense orange tending to red.
Bitter orange, also called sour orange because it comes from sour orange, is a smaller citrus than sweet orange. Her orange skin is rough, thick, and tinged with green. Its flesh is not very juicy, acidic and contains a lot of seeds. It is cultivated in Spain (Seville) as well as in the South of France.
Maltese has a medium size, a slightly oval shape, an easy to remove rind, a tender and very juicy flesh practically without seeds, a flavor both sweet and slightly acidic, make it a unique orange in the world. Originally from Tunisia
Valencia orange is a “blonde” type, medium in size, with a thin skin and rich in juice. It can sometimes be slightly acidic.
Lane Late orange is pale in color and has a fairly thin rind. Its flesh is firm but tender, as well as juicy and sweet.
The Naveline orange leaf has a good taste quality and its flesh is fine, firm and sweet. It is very juicy, not very acidic and contains very few seeds, if any.
Mainly cultivated in Spain, North Africa and Italy, blood orange is a tasty citrus variety. It has the outward appearance of an orange but its red flesh has earned it this surprising denomination. It is a very fragrant and juicy fruit that easily seduces thanks to its slightly acidic sweet taste. Orange Salustiana is the ultimate juice orange. It also has the particularity of having very few pips, if at all. Its flavor is sweet and sweet.