Our Nectarines


Nectarine looks like nectarine on the outside, but its core, unlike that of nectarine, does not adhere to the flesh. It is less fragile than fishing and supports handling and transport more easily. Nectarine is bursting with vitamins, trace elements and minerals. Low in calories, it is very refreshing, which makes it the star fruit of the summer. Its soft and well-tolerated fibers make it very digestible. The flesh of the yellow peach is pinkish orange, firm, very juicy, fine, sweet and of very good flavor. The flesh of the white peach is tender, fairly fine-grained, tangy, sweet and juicy.

Nectavigne is perfectly recognizable by its pigaillé skin, an indicator of its high sugar content. Nectavigne is a local fruit, colorful, bursting with aromas and flavors, both rustic and noble, is a real discovery for lovers of fine wines.
Cultivated in France for twenty years, flat peach is very successful in our country. It is a rustic peach with yellow or pink flesh that does not adhere to the stone very well, and is not very juicy, which makes it a practical fruit to taste.

Calendar of our varieties


Carte des origines de la Nectarine. Elle peut venir de France ou d'Espagne.
Carte des origines de la nectarine.