Our Nuts


Fresh almond :
Fresh Almond is a concentrate of vegetable proteins. It contains almost as much as meat. There are two varieties of almond. The sweet and the bitter. Dangerous to health, the latter is inedible and must undergo processing before being consumed.
The chestnut has a thin, leathery, brown and shiny shell. Chestnuts are rich in vitamin B9, magnesium and potassium. It also contains vitamin B1, manganese and copper. The chestnut has a slight nutty taste.
Brown :
Chestnut is a fruit of certain varieties of chestnut, native to the Balkans. The flesh is white. The brown is large and rounded, there is an absence of “puff”.
Fresh hazelnuts have a subtle taste as well as a delicate texture. Small but well endowed with vitamins, the hazelnut is bursting with nutrients beneficial to health.
Nuts :
The nut is delicious and crunchy to the bite. It has a light and delicate flavor. The walnut is one of the autumn fruits par excellence. France is the leading European producer of nuts, its production is mainly concentrated in the South-West.

Calendar of our varieties


Carte des Origines des Fruits à Coque. Ils peuvent venir d'Espagne, du Portugal, de France, ou encore de Chine.