Our Cherries


Cherry is a spherical fruit, generally more or less dark red to black in color. There are over 600 varieties, the best known of which are Burlat and Bigarreau.
Van Cherry is a very productive variety, offering a dark red skin color, firm, sweet flesh and a small pit. These cherries hold up well to bursting.
The Summit variety is a benchmark variety in its maturity niche. The cherry has a good presentation. It has good size and good taste quality. Its firmness is average if the temperature is high.
The Belgian variety is firm and crunchy. The cherry is bright red in the shape of a heart with a fairly long peduncle. It is very good: juicy, sweet, balanced with marked aromas of cherry. Regina Cherry is a late variety known for its tolerance to bursting. The cherry is in the shape of a heart. Its flesh is very sweet with very little acidity. The juiciness is medium to low in hot conditions. The firmness and hold of the fruit are very good; unless the temperatures are too high. The folfer variety is dark red, very sweet and aromatic. The cherry is round in shape. The Rainier variety is yellow / orange in color, of very large caliber, its flesh is firm, juicy, sweet and fragrant. Meched’s black cherry is a large dark red color. It is black when fully ripe. The flesh is firm, crunchy, soft, sweet and without acidity.

Calendar of our varieties


Carte des Origines de le Cerise. Elle vient de France, d'Espagne, de Belgique, des pays-Bas et du Chili